GPS Apps for the Top 10 Best Fishing Lakes in the United States

If you have not fished these 10 Lakes, make sure they are on your bucked list. In this article you will learn about lakes & GPS maps for each one.

Many GPS will help you find the spot for the best fishing likes in the most popular lakes in the United States.

In the United States, bass fishing is a highly regarded activity and an activity that is enjoyed by many families and individuals. Recent research revealed that one in three homes participated in fishing. For many, it represents an opportunity to bond and strengthen the relationship.

There are some benefits of fishing. Not only does it serve as a social event, but it highlights someone’s fishing skills. People derive pride in their catch. The thrill of outdoing your peers is unrivaled. Not all lakes are ideal for fishing, good fishing lakes attract a lot of fishing enthusiast.

The following are the top ten best fishing lakes in the United States. The recent catch facilitates the ranking regarding weight and the number of fish in these lakes. Since fish migrate a lot, it has become a bit difficult for one particular lake to hold a spot for more than a year. However, the following lakes are considered the best for fishing in the United States. Many lakes have GPS maps to help you find the best spots to fish, and other valuable information about the area.

Toledo Bend Reservoir (Louisiana/Texas) Lake App

Fishing at Toledo Bend Reservoir
Located between Texas and Louisiana, the lake covers an approximate of 185,000 acres, making it Texas’ largest man-made lake, and the fifth largest fishing lake in the United States.

Toledo Bend has been famous for producing big catch more than often. The thick vegetation makes it the best place to breed and safe for raising offspring.


Lake Erie

Lake Erie fishing
Considered as one of the five Great Lakes in the U.S and Canada, Lake Erie is the fourth largest lake in the country. It also makes a list of the world’s largest lakes, taking thirteenth position. It only makes sense that such a huge water body would house “lake monsters,” that many people are constantly searching for. Located in New York, Lake Erie is one of the largest fresh water bodies in the country. Steelhead, perch, pickerel, and walleye are in abundance mainly due to plenty of planktons.


Clear Lake

Fishing at Clear Lake
Other than taking the third position, Clear Lake is known for two more things that other lakes lack: It is considered as the oldest lake in the United States, having existed for over two and a half million years. It is also the largest “natural freshwater lake” in the California stretching over 68 square miles. Species like catfish, crappie, and bluegill thrive in these waters.


Sturgeon Bay Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan Sturgeon Bay Fishing Destination
Similar to its cousin Lake Erie, Sturgeon Bay is also known as the best place for smallmouth bass. Many people like to fish in this lake because it can be easily accessed from land. Walleyes are in abundance and people also like to participate in musky hunting as well. If you have never fished Lake Michigan, it should be on your bucket list.


New Bullards Bar

New Bullards Bar Fishing
It started out as a simple party boat reservoir but has developed to become the largest reservoir in Yuba County in California. Formed on the Sacramento River tributary, North Yuba River, New Bullard Bar is known for gigantic bass. The warm temperatures and cool weather has allowed fish to thrive in the lake and become a very popular fishing spot for locals and tourist.


Lake Fork

Lake Fork Fishing Destination
Located in three Texas counties; Hopkins, Rains, and Wood, Lake Fork sits on over 27,000 acres. Lake Fork has always been considered as one of the best bass fishing lakes in the United States. Fishing activities takes place throughout the year and it is not affected by any season. Out of the 20 Texas fishing records, Lake Fork holds an impressive 15 of them. It is known for Sand Bass, Sunfish, Yellow Bass, Gar, Bowfin, and Catfish.


Mille Lacs Lake

Fishing at Mille Lacs Lake
Considered to be the second largest lake in Minnesota, Mille Lacs is a large but a relatively shallow lake with depths of up to 42 feet. Due to its shallow nature, most of the fishing takes place on all sides of this lake. In the Southern part of the lake, that’s where deep-water angling usually happens. Majority of North America’s fish species are found in this lake. Its name is French for “thousand lakes.” I have never fished this lake, but it is on my personal bucket list. My friends that have fished Mille Lacs say it is worth the trip.

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Delta Reservoir

Delta Reservoir Fishing Destination
The rip rap nature of this lake and the hideouts provides the best breeding places for majority of fish. Gigantic and monstrous bass are more common in these areas because they make it difficult for predators to access them. Fishing takes place throughout the year. The Delta’s nature makes it easy to make a catch even without a boat.

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Falcon Reservoir Lake

Fishing Destination Falcon Reservoir
One of the great lakes of Texas, the Falcon reservoir is known for housing gigantic fish species that are also known to bite. This lake is a dream come true for many anglers as it provides majority of opportunities to make the best catch.

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