Delicious Lake Snacks

10 Delicious Lake Snacks for that Perfect Day Out

Ready for some mouth watering snack ideas for the lake? We have spent many many hours on the lake over the years. One thing for sure is that nothing creates a serious appetite like swimming, skiing, and other water sports activities. For that reason we always pack a huge stash of boating snacks. As such, I have packed a few coolers full of lake snacks in my day and there are a few secrets that I will share in this article.

The best snacks for a day at the lake are non perishable and things that can be resealed in containers so they do not get stale or get wet. Here are 10 of our families favorite boating snacks that keep us on the water and energized all day long, we hope your will try them your next day on the water.

1. Nuts

Best Boat Snacks Nuts

Nuts like peanuts, almonds & cashews make perfect boating snacks because they don’t have to be refrigerated. Of course you can buy individual serving size bags or just place your favorite nuts in a Ziplock bag of your own, nuts are a great high-protein and high-fat snack that will fill you up on the boat and provide energy.

If plain nuts aren’t your favorite bring along trail mix instead.

2. Frozen Grapes

Snacks for Boating

Have you tried frozen Grapes? If not, you need to. Grapes are a great snack on a boat when you want something cold, healthy and refreshing Before your trip, freeze some grapes or strawberries. Just throw some in a freezer bag the night before the boat trip and you will be all set to go the next morning.

3. Granola Bars

Food For The Boat

Granola bars bought online or at your grocery store are the perfect packaged snack for boating. The packaging will keep them fresh and no matter how hot the sun gets, they won’t spoil or go bad. The most popular bar and our families favorite at the moment are KIND Chewy Granola Variety Pack. These are made with real, natural ingredients, dairy-free and have a unique variety of flavors, apple pie and cashew cookie are our favorite.

4. Goldfish Crackers

Snacks for the Lake

These snacks are a favourite with kids and pretty much a staple in my family. They are an ideal treat when we’re sitting on the boat for hours. Our kids expect their goldfish cracker on our day long boat trips!

5. Tuna or Chicken Sandwiches

Best Sandwiches for the lake

We also pack something a little more substantial for lunchtime. A good chicken, salad and avocado sandwich usually hits the spot.  Tuna is another favorite. It is not only sandwiches, other options are wraps, subs, and rolls.

6. Apples

Best Fruit for the Lake

It is hard to beat an apple as a healthy snack. Apples and other fruits are quick to pack. I find apples to be refreshing on a hot day and also provide some energy when swimming, kayaking or hiking.

7. Cooler Corn on the Cob

Cooler Corn on the Cob

Yes this is a thing! It is a family favorite and has become a tradition. It’s easy and simple. All you need is a cooler box and boiling water. Ensure that that cooler is clean. Then throw the corn in and cover it with boiling water. Seal the cooler box and wait for it to cook. 

Don’t forget the butter and tongs. We usually pack some salt and pepper to make this a very enjoyable Lake Snack. This a perfect for cooler days.

8. Freeze Dried Blueberries

Honestly I found these last year when I was looking for products to add to our families food storage supply. I initially bought these blueberries because they can last up to 25 years.

Bottom line, these Freeze Dried Blueberries taste great, my partner and kids love them, so they are now part of the snack assortment we bring with us on boat days at the lake. Quick and simple does the trick.

9. Protein Balls (Energy Balls)

Best Lake Snacks

These Protein Balls are another great snack for the lake. You can either buy these pre-made or make them yourself. There are plenty of recipes and many flavours. You can opt for more healthy options, or more tasty options! 

10. Dried Fruit

Healthy Dried Fruit Snacks For The Lake

Summary of Boat Snacks

Dehydrated Fruit is a great way to bring fruits like peaches onto the boat without having to worry about making a mess or having them go bad. Freeze-dried Mixed fruit is healthy, simple, and a great snack for boating.

There are plenty of good snack and food options for boating on the lake. We hope that this list has given you some options or at least some ideas.

A few other useful tips. Consider a cooler, ziplock bags and other containers. These make transporting and storing your food much easier and also less messy.

While we didn’t mention this specifically, it is best to carry plenty of water to keep you hydrated too.