Boating Gift Ideas

The Best Gift Ideas for Boaters

Looking for boating gift ideas?

Keep reading and we’ll show you a bunch of great gift ideas for your boating buddies. They’re all under fifty dollars and some have free shipping – and rest assured they’re all highly rated – at least four stars.

Boating Gift Suggestion #1 – Boating Monocular

Our first boating gift idea is a monocular. Yes a wide view monocular True eight by forty two viewing. It is compact durable high-quality and precision design. It is waterproof, dust and shock proof. 

It is easy to use with one hand. The adjustable eye cups make it comfortable to use. It comes with a bag, lens cloth and strap.

Tell me how much your friends would love this as a gift? They will love the 8 times magnification and a 42mm diameter wide lens. This is just perfect for viewing boats on the horizon, objects at the shoreline and wildlife! And under $50! Wow!


Best Boating Gift Ideas


Boating Gift Recommendation #2 – Boating Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Boating gift idea number two is this highly rated floating bluetooth speaker. 

Use your device to play your tunes from a up to a claimed 100 feet away (our tests showed it doesn’t quite reach that distance. However the distance was still impressive).

The best thing about a floating bluetooth speaker, is that if falls overboard, you can recover it. As this speaker has a IPX7 rating, it will not even get damaged.

It is worth noting that this speaker is actually designed for pool use. However we love it on our boat and have tested it in the actual lakes. We can confirm it floats and is absolutely waterproof. We use this on our floating water mats in summer. 

This speaker supports bluetooth 5.3 with up to 24 hours of playtime. Again, boaters alike will love this out on the water. What is better than chilling and listening to cool tunes?


Best Floating Waterproof Speaker

Boating Gift Recommendation #3 – Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap

Our next recommendation for a boating gift idea is a waterproof pouch with waist strap.  Think about it. You are our in your boat on the water. You need to keep your valuables dry from water spray. Think your wallet, keys and phone.

This ripper of a pouch is triple zip locked! Yes! 3 locks to ensure it is water impermeable. This makes it perfect for boating. Even if you want to go for a swim!

Measurements are 8.5 inch x 5.8 inch. Making it perfect for your smartphone and other personal items.

Just remember to first perform a water test in a sink so that you know how to zip lock it and are confident it works.


Best Waterproof Pouch For Boating

Boating Gift Idea #4 – Boat Erasers

These are premium boat scruff erasers and make an ideal gift for boaters.

The boat eraser quickly removes marks, dirt, grime, grease, salt, mud and scuffs from the boat’s deck, console, hull and seats. Best of all, no harsh chemicals.

This is a family owned American business with over 500,000 happy customers! While I rated this as number 4, it is actually my “goto” present for new boaters.


Ideal Gift for Boating

Boating Gift Recommendation #5 – Boating Theme Handbag

How about a boating themed cross-body handbag? This is a stylish handbag, complete with a strap to get you in the mood to go boating!

You will likely get compliments from your boating friends! 

This bag measures 5 inches x 7.5 inches, making it convenient and ideal for use on a boat.

Handbag for Boating


Well we hope that gives you some good gift ideas! We find that boaters are generally happy people and appreciative of thoughtful gifts.


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