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Hi, My name is Dale Calvert. Me and my wife Dawn love summer. The sun, water, ocean, lake or swimming pool.
Starting out living in a little 600 square foot home, the goal, the dream
was to one day live on the lake. It took a few years, but that dream
eventually became a reality.

It is hard to beat waking up every morning and looking out over a
beautiful body of water. It provides a different kind of peace in your
heart and soul. We hope you enjoy our tips & tricks on how to have an amazing summer at your lake vacation!
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Hey there, I'm Dawn Calvert, and my husband Dale and I adore summer—sun, water, and all. We started small in a 600 square foot home, dreaming of one day living by a lake. After years of hard work, that dream came true. What I love most about our lakeside life? Besides the serene mornings, I'm passionate about sharing its beauty through blogging. From sunrise to sunset, there's an unmatched peace that settles in your heart by the water's edge.
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