Best Lake Toys Buyers Guide (Highest Rated in 2023)

Best Lake Toys Buyers Guide

10 Awesome Lake Toys To Buy This Summer

When it is time to enjoy the lake this summer, make sure you come prepared. From inflatables to games to items to keep your beverages cool, here are a bunch of awesome toys to bring with you to the lake this year. Now, it’s time for some serious lake fun! Are you ready?

#1 – Yamaha Seascooter with GoPro Mount

How cool is this? Imagine powering along under the water exploring your lake?


Yamaha Seascooter for the lake

Great for young divers and explorers, this Seascooter can handle depths of 30 feet with a speed up to 2.5 miles per hour and a run time of an hour. It’s easy to handle and even has a mount for an underwater camera. “I tried to talk my husband out of ordering this sea scooter. Glad he didn’t listen to me! We took this to the lake and had so much fun, my 12-year-old used it for over an hour. The adults also used it and all enjoyed it. We are looking forward to taking this to the ocean,” said one buyer. 

This sea scooter features a unique design making it perfect for use with GoPro cameras. The camera mounting station makes it perfect for most cameras. Additionally, this sea scooter features a robust rust-resistant construction making it ideal for use beneath the water. What’s more, this underwater monster operates at a maximum depth of 30-feet.

The ultra-light 11.5-pound design makes it perfect for outdoor applications. It also comes with unique safety features like an auto shut off function and an excellent protective grill.


  • The ultra-tough construction makes it perfect for salty and freshwater
  • It comes with an ultra-powerful battery for an excellent performance
  • Max speed is ~2.5mph with a depth rating of 30ft
  • Safety features including auto-shutoff, caged propeller and positive buoyancy.
  • Run up to 1 hour with normal use
  • Weight just 11.5 lbs

And you won’t believe the price of this lake toy! 

#2 – Island Hopper Island Buddy Inflatable Swimming Water Platform

How about a floating platform for chilling or sunbathing by your jetty or the side of your boat? This is seriously cool and a great way to enjoy your time on the lake.
Floating Platform Lake Toy

Perfect for boat side water play, lounging in chairs, or on beach towels. Can be paddled into place, similarly to a stand-up paddle board and set with an anchor. Used for sun bathing, swim play, wakeboard and tube launching, and boat docking. Comfortably holds 4 to 6 people and over 1000 lbs. of weight


  • Extremely rigid and buoyant commercial drop stitch construction with HEAT WELDED seams. Inflates in minutes on your boat, weighs only 30 lbs. and stows in a small 36” area. Easily secures to the side of any boat and can be stored on a bimini top, once inflated.
  • Connect multiple units to make an extended platform configuration. Features 11 side welded stainless d-rings, 6 carry handles, and 8 top welded web-loops for secure anchoring and holding accessor
  • INCLUDES: Island Buddy Swim Dock 8’ x 6’ x 4″ thick, double action hand pump, stow straps, instruction manual, and repair patches. Optional accessories sold separately: Inflatable Pillow, soft entry ladder, and 15 PSI auto-set inflator
  • Built to last! Industry best 5 year “No Seam Blowout” limited warranty. 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

What else is cool about this platform island? ? Check out how small it packs up to!


Island Hopper Island Buddy Lake Float

#3 – Airhead Hot Dog Towable Tube For Boating

There are towable water tubes and then there is the Airhead Hot Dog Towable Tube! Why bounce around in a donut shaped tube like everyone else when you can instead have something unique and much more fun? This tube may look a little strange, however it is built for business and will provide friends and family heaps of fun out on the lakes.

This tube is also super comfy, has all the necessary safety features and is built for years of fun with quality double stitching and 30 gauge vinyl chambers. 

Towable Tube For The Lake

Features at a glance:

  • 3 Models: 1-2 riders, 1-3 riders and 1-5 riders
  • Neoprene seat pads for comfort
  • Padded handles with neoprene knuckle guard
  • Comfy foam pads that make your ride smooth and enjoyable
  • Boston Valve for convenient inflating and deflating
  • Double-Stitched Full Nylon Cover
  • Deluxe nylon handles with neoprene knuckle guard
  • Kwik-Connect – Airhead’s patented Kwik-Connect for quick and easy rope connection

#4 – Airhead Big Mable Towable Tube For Boating

The Big Mable is a favourite! This chariot-style boat towable guaranteed to provides hours of fun on the water. It is a best-selling towable tube.

It features features EVA foam seating pads, cushioned side walls, and a supportive backrest for awesome comfort and safety.  Together with 10 perfectly-placed double webbing foam handles that will help keep both riders on board, no matter if cruising or going flat-out

This towable tube also comes with the Patented Speed Safety Valve and Kwik-Connect tow point make this chariot easy to attach and detach. Airhead’s Big Mable is also versatile: with two ways to tow, riders can sit or kneel in either direction for thrilling tubing every time.


Best Towable Tube For Boating

Features at a glance:

  • EVA Padding: Comfy foam pads that make your ride smooth and enjoyable
  • Dual Tow Points: Two separate tow points so you can decide how you want to ride
  • Fully Covered: Entire tube is covered with our double stitched nylon to ensure both comfort and years of use
  • Patented Speed Safety Valve: Patented simple valve for quick and easy inflating and deflating

#5 – Floating Oasis Lake Pad

Enjoy your lake life with this super cool Floating Mat. These Mat’s are amazingly stable and lots of fun for the family on the lake. 

Designed to support up to 1500 lbs of spread out weight, means it can easily cater for a family or up to 8 adults.

Measuring 15’ long, the Floating Oasis can support the whole family! This lake mat is constructed with UV-resistant and premium high-density foam. It is designed to be tear and puncture resistant for many summers of play and partying. Rated as one of the most durable floating lake pad in the market and manufactured  right here  in the USA.

To pack it up, simply roll it up and strap on the velcro for next time.


Best Floating Mat Lake Toy

Features at a glance:

  • Measure 6′ feet wide by 15′ feet long
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Extremely stable design
  • Has a capacity of 6 adults
  • Puncture and tear resistance
  • Lightweight design allows for easy transportation and storage
  • Velcro straps for storage, D rings and bungee cord
  • Made in the USA

#6 – Lake Bottom Blanket Aquatic Weed Control

You may question why is a Lake Bottom Blanket listed here as a “lake toy”? Simply put, this blanket will allow you to swim in your lake without swimming in lake weeds! The bonus is that it doesn’t use herbicides. 

This Non-Chemical, eco-friendly herbicide-alternative uses a simple principle: limit the Sunlight from getting to the lake bottom and weeds will not grow. Place the Lake Bottom Blanket over an area that you want to control weeds and 4 weeks later they are dead. Unlike chemicals, the LBB only affects weeds that it is physically shading/covering, causing no harm to fish, animals or other aquatic life by allowing them to pass under the LBB.

Once you purchase the weed blanket, you should watch the DVD instructions, order rebar weighting locally and consider if a permit is required. This is DNR approved for use in lakes and ponds, however best to check in your State.


Lake Toys - Lake Bottom Blanket

Here is a photo of the Weed Blanket amongst a weed bed to give you a good idea on how well it works.


Lake Weed Bottom Blanket

Features at a glance:

  • Non Chemical herbicide alternative therefore it causes no harm to fish, animals or other aquatic life
  • DIY, Easy and Inexpensive 15 minute install. Includes a detailed installation DVD
  • Purchase Rebar weighting locally (recommend 3/8 inches rebar; 1/2″ rebar can be used in area with more water activity)
  • Approved for use in lakes and ponds by The Department of Natural Resources (DNR); Some states may require a permit. Suggest that you check first.
  • Successful in the fight against Eurasian Milfoil, Curley Leaf Pond Weed, Phragmites (reeds), Lily pads, and all the submersed aquatic weeds that have destroyed our gorgeous waterfronts
  • The Lake Bottom Blanket comes in many sizes, The 10 foot X 40 foot blanket will cover an area of 433 square feet
  • Note: This is not suitable for standing up or walking on in shallow water

#7 – Floating Pong Set

Pong isn’t just for the garage or basement. This floating pong set is perfect for a round at the lake. Just inflate and fill it with your beverage of choice. The set has two rafts, three balls and rules that can be followed or ignored. The raft can also double as a drink holder.  How’s that for versatility? 

The floating islands have extra-high sidewalls to prevent large waves from ruining your game.

You have the option to also purchase the Freezable Beer Pong Rack Set. This allows for more beer in the island also keeps it cooler!

Lake Games Floating Pong Set

Features at a glance:

  • Full party set for the water. The game includes 2 rafts, 3 balls, and rules which can be followed, rewritten, or ignored at leisure
  • The floating island has high side walls to prevent flipping when hit by waves
  • Optional freezable beer pong rack set

#8 – Slammo Game Set

Kids and adults can get competitive on the lake this summer with this Slammo game set. The game is easy, think of it like a game of two-on-two volleyball. Teams have three hits to bounce or spike the ball to the circular net. Otherwise make up your own rules.

Slammo is a actually quite engaging and is great fun and you may even break a sweat! 

The set comes with the target, two competition balls, a training ball, a traveling case and rules. The entire family will love this. It is quick and easy to setup and also to pack away.


Lake Games Slammo Game Set

Features at a glance:

  • The game set includes 1 slammo target, 2 competition size balls, 1 training ball, travel carrying case and game rules
  • Easy to pack and carry. Comes with a carry bag
  • Slammo rules: teams have 3 hits to bounce or spike the ball to the circular net. Simple! 

#9 – Giant Unicorn Float

This lake float does look kind of ridiculous! However how cool would it be to relax on this lake float! Surely it will draw much attention from other folks on the lake.  Just imagine, seeing a giant floating unicorn on the lake with 6 people having an awesome afternoon in the sun?

We don’t foresee many folks buying one of these. However, would rank as one of the coolest lake or pool toys available!


Giant Floating Unicorn For The Lake

Features at a glance:

  • Bring your inflatable unicorn to the lake, or just relax by in your own swimming pool
  • Huge oversized floating, measuring  530*475*275cm after inflation
  • Unparalleled comfort, high quality construction and unique design for unparalleled relaxation.
  • An upgraded, leak-proof, separate safety valve that accelerates inflation and deflation
  • Requires a pump for inflation
  • Safety is important. The pontoons are made of thick, soft, high-quality enamel vinyl material that is durable
  • Consider the weather conditions and ensure safety when using this float. It may be safer to use in your lake house pool

#10 – Inflatable Water Trampoline

How about a water trampoline? Why jump on a land based trampoline when you can instead bounce around on the water and then into the water?

This floating trampoline provides a large jumping surface that is already attached to the support frame. It has a load bearing capacity of up to 330 pounds. This is enough to support an adult or 2 teenagers jumping at the same time.

This trampoline is made for the outdoors. Instead of metal springs, it has high-quality elastic bands, together with durable nylon cloth that is more suitable for the outdoor water environment. The other parts are made of heavy-duty PVC material, which features puncture-proof and weather-resistant qualities.

This recreational trampoline can also be used as a swimming platform as it is equipped with a rope ladder and reinforced handles for easy boarding.


Lake Trampoline

Features at a glance:

  • Available in 3 sizes – 10ft, 12ft and 15ft
  • Large Bouncing Area for Endless Fun
  • Durable & Weather-resistant Material
  • Only takes 10 minutes with the included electric pump
  • Includes all necessary accessories (500W electric inflator, a rope ladder, 3 mooring ropes and an anchor)

Well ladies and gentleman there you have it, the most popular lake toys in the world. We hope you find a couple to make your time at on the lake this year more fun than ever.

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