Top 8 Water Skis For Beginners and Intermediates in 2023

Lake Water Skis Buyers Guide

Water skiing was invented in 1922 by Ralph Samuelson, a young man from Minnesota, USA. Samuelson had the idea of using skis to glide across the water while being pulled by a boat. He began by experimenting with different materials and designs, and eventually developed a technique for water skiing that involved being pulled by a rope attached to the back of a motorboat. Samuelson performed his first public water skiing exhibition on Lake Pepin, Minnesota, on June 28, 1922, and the sport quickly gained popularity. Today, water skiing is a widely enjoyed recreational activity and competitive sport around the world.

How To Choose The Right Water Skis

Choosing the right water skis for the lake depends on several factors such as your skill level, weight, and the type of skiing you plan to do. Here are some tips to help you choose the right water skis for the lake:

  • Skill level: If you’re a beginner, look for water skis that are wider and shorter, as they will provide better stability and control. Advanced skiers may prefer longer and narrower skis, which allow for higher speeds and more maneuverability.
  • Weight: The weight of the skier is an important consideration when choosing water skis. Most manufacturers provide weight ranges for their skis, so be sure to choose a pair that is appropriate for your weight.
  • Type of skiing: There are different types of water skiing, such as slalom skiing, trick skiing, and wakeboarding. Each type requires different types of skis, so consider the type of skiing you plan to do before choosing your skis.
  • Bindings: The bindings on your skis should be comfortable and secure. Look for bindings that are adjustable and have a good fit to prevent your feet from slipping out of the skis.
  • Brand and quality: Choose a reputable brand and quality pair of water skis, as they will be more durable and last longer.
  • Try before you buy: If possible, try out different types of water skis before making a purchase. This will help you determine which type of ski is best suited to your skill level and style of skiing.

Overall, choosing the right water skis for the lake requires a combination of personal preference, skill level, and equipment quality. Taking the time to consider these factors will help you choose a pair of water skis that will provide you with a safe and enjoyable skiing experience on the lake. At the bottom of this article we elaborate on a few of these points.

Here are our picks for the Best Water Skis in 2023

We provide a list of water skis for your to consider. There are so many on the market, that this short list should hopefully save you time and get you onto the water sooner.

First, Let’s Cover Adult Water Skis

Adult water skis are generally longer and therefore heavier to accommodate a adult sized skier. Adult skis are often proportionally narrower than smaller skis.

#1 O’Brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis

The O’Brien Celebrity Ski Combo is one of the best selling adult water skis on the market. These skis are most suited to intermediates and advanced skiers. However they can still be used by beginners given the widebody design. The skis have easily adjustable bindings and also a rear kicker for use as a single ski.


Best Advanced Water Skis

The O’Brien Celebrities were designed to make everyone feel comfortable on the water. They provide asy adjustability and great fit of the X-7 bindings. The performance from the ski’s side-cut bevel paired with the smooth control from its dual tunnel make the Celebrities extremely versatile. These skis are built for easy deep-water starts and feature a flatter, faster rocker line to minimize drag and fatigue for all day skiing


  • Length 68 inch/173cm
  • X-7 bindings designed to fit US Men 7-13
  • Padded rear toe plate
  • Wide forebody for added surface area and easier deep water starts
  • Aggressive rocker and bevels for slalom skiing
  • Rear kicker for use as a single ski


  • These are one of the best selling waterski shapes of all time 
  • Great for beginners through to veterans
    The increased surface area allows for easier starts and reduced drag
  • Easily adjustable bindings


  • Beginners may find these skies harder to control

#2 O’Brien Vortex Widebody Combo 

These widebody skis are perfect for beginners or larger sized skiers.  The widebody and additional surface area allows for slower speeds which is great for beginners.


Best Waterskis For The Lake


The Vortex Combos are our “Big-Daddy” wide-body skis. The extra surface area is hugely beneficial to larger skiers and provides a tremendous amount of lift for super easy deep-water starts and big carving turns. The large surface area also allows for skiing at slower, more comfortable boat speeds and requires less horsepower (and fuel) to get skiers up..


  • Length 65. 5 inch/166cm
  • X-7 adjustable bindings (one ski has rear toe piece)
  • Foot size: Men’s 4. 5-13
  • Wide body for stability


  • Very popular water skis with great reviews
  • The increased surface area allows for easier starts and reduced drag
  • The nylon fins provide great control on the water 
  • Ideal for beginners and adults of all sizes


  • May not suit experienced water skiers

#3 Hydroslide Contour Combo Water Skis

The Hydroslide contour is designed for easy deep-water starts and a n extremely stable ride with this wide-track ski shape


Lake Water Skis

The added surface area of the contour keeps the ski riding high in the water and therefore reduces drag. This ultimately means longer on the water! The ski shape also allows for skiing at slower speeds to help build the skier’s confidence.


  • Length 62 inch/157cm
  • Pinch-Slide Adjustable 700 Series Bindings
  • Men’s Foot Size: 4.5 to 13
  • Padded rear toe plate
  • Wide-track ski profile
  • Easy deep water starts
  • Equipped with Nylon Plastic Fins


  • These skis provide great stability for mid-length ski (62inch)
  • Combo allows beginners to use 2 skis and more advanced skiers to use a single ski


  • Length is most suitable for intermediate skiers

#4 CWB Connelly Outlaw Slalom Water Ski

The Connelly Outlaw Slalom Water Ski 2023 is a wide shaped ski for riders who enjoy the fun of water skiing. 


Best Water Skis For The Lake Connelly Outlaw


Connelly were the first to design wide shaped skis to cater for everyone that wants to enjoy water skiing. The wide tip and wide tail means less effort getting up and out of the water. Complemented by a narrow design under the bindings and quality construction, keeps the ski responsive, lively, and fun. The Outlaw is backed by the industry’s only Performance Guarantee.

This kit comes with swerve binding and Rear Toe Piece


  • The ski provides great  balance and control
  • Built with an extra-wide design
  • Increased flat surface area for stability
  • It is made of a heavy-duty composite construction that increases durability


  • Some waterskiers may prefer a more traditional shape

How About Water Skis For The Children and Teens?

Don’t worry, we have that covered! Fun on the lake is often a family affair so we absolutely need to include the children. What it comes to water activities, safety is important and so too the ability to build confidence in the younger skiers. We take this seriously and will provide the most appropriate beginner water ski recommendations. 

#5 RAVE Sports Shredder Trainer Combo Water Skis

These RAVE water skis are ideal for easier learning for teens. They are compact water skis, yet  still boast many of the features of adult-sized combo water skis.  This makes these water skis a much more manageable size for beginners.


Rave Childrens Water Skis

These skis are best for teens weighing between 80 and 125 pounds. This means that the Shredder skis are made for getting pre-teen and early teenage skiers up and out of the water and shredding the waves in no time! Also great for lighter adults.


  • Length 54 inch/138cm
  • Designed with a wide shape for stability
  • Training bar assists beginners
  • Combo so can also be used for slalom


  • Prefect for teens learning to water ski
  • Very manageable size at 54 inches


  • Be mindful that teens will grow out of these

#6 RAVE Sports Steady Eddy Trainer Combo Water Skis

Are you wanting to get your children into water skiing? These Rave Steady Eddy skis are probably the perfect training skis.


Best Water Skis for Children


These skis are designed to make learning fun. These skis are made for young skiers weighing less than 100 pounds. What makes these skis prefect are the stable design, the ideal design and the front and back stabilizers. These skiers are a great training tool to build the confidence of young skiers.


  • Length 46inch/117cm
  • Designed with a wide shape for stability
  • Training bar and rear stabilizer assists beginners
  • Combo so can also be used for slalom
  • For skiers less than 90 pounds


  • Prefect for children learning to water ski
  • Stable with the wide body and flatter design
  • Comfortable with adjustable and soft bindings


  • Be mindful that children will grow out of these

#7 CWB Connelly Super Sports Combo Waterskis

These skis are designed for smaller and lighter skiers to allow them to gain confidence and enjoy the ride on appropriately sized skis. This makes these skis another great choice for children.


Best Beginner Water Skis

These skis features a shaped ski concept with a wide tip and wide tail for easier deep water starts and greatly overall stability. Beginners can also use the included front stabilizer bar to keep the skis in parallel and the proper distance apart. 


  • Length 55inch/140cm
  • Reinforced composite material
  • Slide-adjustable binding
  • Size 4-9
  • Glass filled nylon fin
  • Designed for skiers less than 135 pounds


  • Prefect for children learning to water ski
  • Wide tips and tails provide great stability
  • Popular choice on Amazon with positive reviews


  • Be mindful that children will grow out of these


These wide body combo water skis are just great for teaching kids and teens to deep water start, stand up, turn and can also be used for slalom.


Best Widebody Water Skis

These skis features a shaped ski concept with a wide tip and wide tail for easier deep water starts and greatly overall stability. Beginners can also use the included front stabilizer bar to keep the skis in parallel and the proper distance apart. 


  • Length 54inch/137cm
  • Composite/foam core construction
  • fiberglass reinforced nylon fins
  • Removable cross bar for beginners
  • US sizes 5 to 12


  • Prefect for children learning to water ski or those a little more advanced
  • Extra wide tips provide great stability
  • Wide tips are excellent for jumping wakes


  • Be mindful that children will grow out of these
Best Water Skis

Things to Consider when Choosing a Water Ski

  • Construction material: Water skies are made from different materials with different advantages and disadvantages. Some are made from fiberglass and other composite carbon graphite. The materials make you ski flexible and more lightweight to enhance easy movement. Still, you can choose the water skis that are made from aluminum because they are durable and reliable. Some the material you choose is based upon multiple factors as we have discussed. Most skis for beginners are heavier, but they are heavier for a reason.
  • Water ski length: When you are buying a water ski, you have to consider the length that will match with your weight range. For example, if your weight is about 90-150 pounds, then you need to buy the skis with a length range of between 64-66-inches. Another example, if your weight range is between 150-200 pounds, choose a with a length that ranges between 66-69-inches. If you find a quality pair of skiis that you like, hang on to them, they may not be easily replaced.
  • Speed and size: The skiing speed of a ski determines how deep they can sit in the water. People who like skiing at low speeds will perform better on skies with wide surface areas. Choose a narrow-sized ski because it does not spend much effort sitting on top of the water.
  • Fins and bindings: Most water skis are equipped with bottom side fins that help to provide more stability and traction on the water. The fins come in different shapes and sizes. You should look for a water ski with adjustable bindings that provide enough stability for everyone.

Summary For The Best Water Skis For The Lake

Water skiing is an exclusive and entertaining sport that you can enjoy on many lakes around the world during the summer or spring season. If you are a beginner, you probably want to learn more skills that will leave your friends amazed. Therefore, you need to look for a quality water ski that will suit all your needs and take your skiing to another level.

If you are new to the sport welcome. It just takes a little bit of time and practice in the beginning to develop a skill that you will enjoy the rest of your life. 

Water Skiing On The Lake


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