Best Water Shoes 2022

6 Best Water Shoes For Your Amazing Lake Activities in 2023

The 6 Best Water Shoes In 2023

If you love the outdoors and outdoors activities on the lake, such as kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, fishing, camping, boating, diving, aqua sports, then no doubt you have considered protection for your feet by having water shoes. 

Water shoes, have evolved since first being introduced. Water shoes come in many types and offer a different range of features such as grip and traction, thermal protection, water drainage, and of course style and looks. 

There are now many water shoes on the market. Some are designed for specific activities while others are more multipurpose. We will help guide you through what we consider to be the best. These will be water shoes for from kayaking to hiking and all activities in between.

Below is our ist of the best men’s and women’s water shoes for this year

Our Top Water Shoe Picks

KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Closed Toe Water Sandals

These are a well proven and very popular water shoe for a variety of water activities. You can not go wrong with buying a pair or two of these water shoes. They are perfect for day hikes, wet hikes, kayaking, boating, camping, gardening, yard work, boating and beach activities.

They are comfortable, hip, and protective. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Water Shoes are meant for the adrenaline junkie in you with features like 100% Polyester webbing, Metatarsal ridge support, and more than 30 color options.


These are go anywhere shoes. Made of  polyester webbing upper, rubber sole, waterproof leather and featuring a quick-dry lining.


The water sandal is comfortable and plays the role of a shoe, and a sandal with airflow similar to that of a sandal and the protectiveness of a shoe.

It has an arch on the rear for comfort and support during wear. With a metatarsal ridge support, it allows tension-free feet movement. 

The KEEN patented toe protector allows you to set foot in any terrain without any hesitation and without any worry about foot or toe safety. 

The performance show comes with a bungee jump lacing system and a pull-on loop on the rear of the shoe. 


These Keen shoes provide the pinnacle of water shoe traction. The solid sole with anti-slip grooves are great for slippery and rocky surfaces. 

What Makes These Shoes Stand Out

  • 100% Polyester webbing
  • Has a Rubber sole
  • Features a bungee lacing system and rear pull-on loop
  • Machine washable
  • Has a Metatarsal ridge support
  • Heaps of 30 color options
  • Naturally breaks down odor in sweat
  • Uses alternative chemistry that’s safe
  • Multi-directional lug pattern for increased traction
  • PFC Free materials

Gender: Men’s
Item weight: 14.2 oz per shoe
Footwear Height: Ankle
Material: Washable polyester, rubber and leather

Mishansha Unisex Water Shoes

Mishansha is a great brand with much experience in water shoes. These shoes are stretchy, breathable, soft, and with a top-quality anti slip rubber sole, Mishansha Unisex Water Shoes are the great for the beach, swimming, surf, pool, sailing, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, beach volleyball, long airline flight, yoga, performing pilates exercises aerobics etc. 


Upper with salt resistance wear resistance stretch breathable ultra light weight Lycra material for fast draining and cross ventilation, give excellent flexible and comfortable.

It also makes the shoes very breathable and lightweight.


These are super comfy. They feel almost like your favourite pair of runners.

The easy on and off feature of the shoe helps you put these shoes on and taken them off with ease. This can often be a challenge with a wet shoe.

The quick-dry material also enhances comfort and wear and the stretchable material giving airflow space for the feet.

These are salt resistant, wear-resistant, and extremely light in weight. 


Given the style of these water shoes, they provide great traction. The sole provides a contoured footprint. The rubber sole and grip ensures a solid amount of traction.

What Makes These Shoes Stand Out

  •  More than 30 color options
  •  Has a nice grip to prevent slips
  •  Stretchy, breathable, and soft
  •  Has a barefoot feeling
  •  Lightweight and compressible for easy packing
  •  Lycra material provides fast draining
  •  Has a top-quality anti slip camo rubber sole
  •  The pull tap at the heel provides easy entry
  •  Adjusts the food very quickly

Gender: Unisex
Item weight: 9.6 oz per shoe
Footwear Height: Ankle
Material: Lyca, rubber soles


VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes

These are an amazingly popular water shoe on Amazon. Check out the ratings! These shoes boast an extremely lightweight, elastic, breathable, and comfortable, design. These shoes are considered “Barefoot Water Shoes”. This means they seke to replicate having no shoes on your feet! This means lightweight and comfortable. These VIFUUR Barefoot Water Shoes are likely to be best value water shoes on the market. Actually the cheapest in terms of a quality shoe. Great for yoga, beach, swimming, pool, weight training, wake-boarding, sailing, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, cycling, jogging, walking, fishing, beach volleyball, gardening, , car-washing and driving. 


Made out of breathable, soft, and fine stretch fabric, this water shoes dry in minutes. The material is synthetic upper and rubber sole.


Made of a material is smooth, all the way to the neck. This prevents unwanted chaffing. The fit is like socks with a sole. You will find these to be lightweight, flexible and comfortable.


VIFUUR protects your feet from stones, gravel, and rough ground by a non-slip rubber sole. Don’t let this gentle design with soft material fool you, it is strong enough to protect you on any slippery surface.

What Makes These Shoes Stand Out

  •  Has a quick-drying fabric
  •  Lightweight, elastic, and breathable material
  •  Non-slippery due to rubber sole
  •  Provides gentle yet strong support to feet
  •  Great for surfing, yoga, and beach running
  • Heaps of colours and designs to choose from
  •  Gives Barefoot experience

Gender: Unisex
Item weight: 0.48 oz per shoe
Footwear Height: Ankle
Material: Rubber and synthetic upper

Zhuanglin Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Why are the women’s water shoes so much more stylish? These water shoes are made of 90% fabric with a rubber sole, Zhuanglin Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes are breathable, allowing a good amount of airflow and keeping the foot at ease in any given environment.


Zhuanglin water shoes are made of 90% fabric and come with a rubber sole, making these perfect for a range of water activity including the beach kayaking, walking, running, hiking, yoga, to name just a few.


These are perfect for those that prefer more of a shoe than a sandal. The sole, which is lightweight and durable, is made of Solyte technology and provides a great rebound when walking or running. The mesh design means quick drying. 


Technology like Water Grip provides immense traction in slippery and wet conditions while Comfodry helps with the cushioning and cooling, which keeps the shoe dry and creates a healthier environment.

What Makes These Shoes Stand Out

  • Stylish
  •  More than 15 color options
  •  Breathable and durable air mesh
  •  Lightweight midsole with excellent bounce-back
  •  ComforDry creates a cooler, drier and healthier shoe environment
  •  Slip rubber sole protects the feet

Gender: Womens
Item weight: 8 oz per shoe
Footwear Height: Ankle
Material: Breathable Mesh and rubber sole

DLGJPA Men’s Lightweight Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

This is a great option for a men’s aque shoe that does have some style and doesn’t make you look like a strange footed monster. These are a new addition and are quickly becoming a popular choice for men.

Great for water park, beach, swimming, surf, walking, running, fishing, yoga, sailing, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, beach volleyball, yoga, and other water sport activities.


These water shoes are made of lightweight mesh with a rubber sole. These shoes are designed for breathability, comfort and quick drying.


These are great for those that prefer more of a shoe than a sandal. Anti-slip sole, stretchy and cool.


The anti-slip material provides great traction on wet surfaces and also great for hiking.

What Makes These Shoes Stand Out

  • Stylish
  • Great range of colors
  •  Breathable with mesh material
  •  Lightweight and comfortable
  • Elastic strap shoe laces
  • Great for a range of water activities

Gender: Mens
Item weight: 7 oz per shoe
Footwear Height: Ankle
Material: Breathable Mesh and rubber sole

Speedo Men’s Surfwalker Water Shoes

The surf walker takes guys from out in the water to shore in total comfort. It features a stretchy pull-on upper with mesh insets for quick-dry breathability and a secure fit. Surfwalker Water Shoe are the best water shoes for water sports such as stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and surfing. Basically any sport where your feet may spend a lot of time submerged. 


Made from 100% of a neoprene upper and s-trac outsole which provides protection and also helps water drain

The material provides breathability and quick dry capabilities. 


Speedo is a well known water brand. As such, you would get an extremely comfortable and practical water shoe. These shoes are made to provide protection and comfort while not impacting dexterity. 

These water shoes also provide solid internal impact protection due to a cushioned insole.


The outsole provides enhanced surface contact and traction. This is helpful for when walking over coral, shells or unseen objects beneath the water surface.

What Makes These Shoes Stand Out

  • A comfortable, tight fitting shoe that you hardly know that you are wearing
  • S-TRAC outsole delivers traction and maximum drainage
  • Updated and improved design
  • Quality reviews

Gender: Men’s
Item weight: 9 oz
Footwear Height: Ankle
Material: 100% neoprene upper 

How To Choose The Best Water Shoes – Buying Guide

Best Aqua Shoes

The market for aquatic foot protection is now quite saturated which means that you will likely be able to be picky when choosing your water shoes. 

While you may be tempted to choose a pair based on style and colors there are other more important features to consider.


Most importantly you must determine your intended use. When using your shoes for a more adventurous water activity you may require more specific features. Do you need a show that is like a second skin? Or a show that will provide protection? A shoe intended for hiking will be vastly different than one that is intended for kayaking. Consider weight, bulk, flexibility, comfort, quick dry, protection, material, and traction. 


We are talking about the sole of shoes here. As these are designed for water activities, you are likely to come in contact with slippery or potentially dangerous underwater terrain. Decide on how much traction you require and then check that the amount on your shoe matches your needs. Heavy-duty soles are required for navigating slippery rocks. A thin sole that offers more flexibility is better other water activities.


Of course you need a shoe that is comfortable and fits well. DIfferent types of water shoes have different fits. A neoprene water shoe will be different to a sandal for instance. 

Consider chaffing prevention and quick dry materials. These will enhance comfort.


Since you will be using your shoes in wet conditions, it is important that the material dries quickly. Many synthetic fabrics will ensure your feet dry quickly.

Most water shoes have rubber soles.


Being able to allow the water to escape from your shoe is a critical feature for comfort, safety and health reasons. Look for mesh construction, drainage holes and breathable material.

Putting Your Shoes On

The water shoe design should ensure that you can put shoes on and off in almost no time. Some have an easy to use zipper while others utilize a pull tab at the heel. 

Being able to quickly put your shoes on will get you to the water quicker and without a struggle. This is also an excellent feature for young children.

Cushioning and Padding

This is more important for running, hiking or other related water activities. A good water show will have padding to make walking around rocky shoes more enjoyable.

How To Pick Your Shoes

Now that you know the features to look for, it is important to consider how you are going to be using your shoes before determining what the perfect pair for you is.

Whereabouts Will You Be Using Your Water Shoes?

If you are using your shoes in colder water conditions you may not want a shoe with full mesh. Having some added protection and even insulation between your feet and the colder waters will prove invaluable. 

Shoes with thicker materials, such as neoprene, are recommended for these kinds of conditions. Neoprene is a material that wetsuits are made of and will allow you to stay in colder water longer. 

When lucky enough to be in warm tropical water you will not need the added security and protection of a cold water shoe. A simple mesh shoe that focuses on breathability is key for you. This will allow the warmer water to freely flow against your skin but protect you from the rough slippery rocks and warm sand. 

The thinner mesh material comes with a lightweight design that is focused on breathability and fast-drying technology. We suggest looking for a shoe with air holes that allow water to pass through with ease. This will keep your feet cool and dry making your day more enjoyable.

Different Types of Water Shoes

Sandal Type Water Shoes

We are talking about sandal type water shoes. These sandal shoes are great for getting you to and from the lake.  They are also great for hiking and walking through water and over slippery rocks. These are a much safer option than flip flops.

A good pair will have a closed toe protection area, provide ventilation and have a solid sole.

Active Water Shoes

These types of water shoes are great for running, walking and even if you are after something with a little more style. They provide suitable arch support, cushioning while still offering quick dry features. 

They should be constructed with a lightweight material and have drainage and breathability features.

Barefoot Water Shoes

Contradiction in terms perhaps? These are an awesome recent addition to water shoes. The design goal is for a show that you don’t know that you are wearing! These shoes can be submerged in water and will quickly drain. They are flexible, lightweight and super comfortable. Also great for SUPs and surfboards.

Aqua Socks

Aqua socks are not really socks. They are low provide water shoes. These can be used in flippers and fins to prevent chaffing. Divers, also like these types of water shoes. 

These shoes are very flexible in terms of use. They can also be used for running on the beach and even swimming. 

Summary Of Water Shoes

Water shoes are an essential clothing for a variety of water sports and activities. You may recall the old days, whereby water shoes were bulky, unsightly, slow drying and generally hideous. Things have greatly evolved. I love my water shoes and have several different types for my lake activities. 

Hopefully this guide has given you useful information to select the best water shoes for your needs. In any case, get out and enjoy our great outdoors!