What are the best blinds and Window Treatments for a Lake House or Cabin?


In the not so distant past, the only option people considered when it came to window treatments for lake homes or cabins were curtains. But today, for some unknown reason the perspective has changed. Some people realize that window treatments play both a functional and aesthetic role, And while we agree with that statement, window treatments are important but they are the details that transform your lake house or cabin into home as many window treatment sales reps would want you to believe.

The people and the relationships are the most important part of a home. The family and the bonds they share. At 4theLake.com we are going to remind you of that fact, every chance we have. If you appreciate that, you will visit this website often, if you don’t this will probably be your last visit, and we accept that.

Now, let’s take as a serious look that is necessary regarding window treatments for your lake house or cabin. The most important function of window treatments are to protect your privacy from nosy people, as well as your belongings. They block the sun and help with insulation challenges. The selection is so diverse nowadays that you need a guide in order to make the right choice. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Just understand there was a time when people left their cabin after vacation they covered their windows with old sheets. While we are not recommending that, we do believe that providing something that is functional and economical makes sense. I think money may be better spent on a super cool lake toy for the kids, that worrying too terribly much about the “trendiest window treatments for Lake Houses”.

I am sorry, I can’t help myself. Isn’t this cool? How many hours of fun for the family would this provide, and at much less that many spend on lake house window treatments while their kids play with Swim Noodles from Dollar Tree.


I guess my point is your lake house is a place to have fun and make lifetime memories, not sweat over window treatments, however with that said we are going to share with you the best lake house widow treatment information available in this article. In general, it’s important to keep coverings simple when there’s a beautiful view, such as you will have at your lake and its surroundings.


This is what we personally use for window treatments at our lake house. They look fine, they are economical, server every practical, functional purpose you could want from window treatments and they are super easy to install and adjust to any size window. Not keep in mind our lake house is not our primary residence, it is where we spend summers with our family. So if your lake house is your primary home, then I may not suggest bamboo shutters. However if it is a 2nd home, especially if you rent it as an air B&B or something when you are not using it, it is going to be hard to find window treatments that makes more sense than bamboo shutters.


Blind are Simple, uncluttered and timeless & elegant. Blinds are a perfect solution for lake house owners searching for that understated window treatment that won’t take away from their decor and outdoor views. Blinds also create a sense of depth by adding layers to your windows, helping to create focal points throughout your cabin or lake house. They’re particularly useful for difficult-to-reach and awkwardly shaped windows. They are a perfect choice for those who have a rustic home and don’t want to disturb the look.

Vertical blinds especially panel blinds, offer you the opportunity to precisely control the light, at all times of the day and they are excellent for over sized windows. They complement most window shapes and add height of any room.  They are available in a full range of styles, from moderately priced vinyl to decorative fabrics, so your options are virtually endless.

Wood Blinds preserve that natural feel of the lake cabin and offer a warm, natural look to their surroundings. Plus, they let you show off your personal style since you can have them stained any way you desire.

If you are concerned about warping and cracking or are in a high moisture area, Faux wood blinds are a great fit. Faux wood blinds offer the classic appeal and style of wooden blinds, but they are an ideal choice that is affordable and long-lasting too. At the lake, we suggest Faux wood blinds if this is the route you want to take.



Today shades are a safe bet for Lake Houses and Cabins. They are considered elegant window treatments. You can easily control light during the day, and privacy at night without sacrificing your beautiful outdoor views. Window shades can easily match your indoor decor because of the options they provide. Today window shades are available in a variety of patter options, fabrics and colors. They work exceptionally well for temperature control and UV protection.

Roller Shades are available in a wide variety of colors, textures and stylish fabrics. They are easy to operate, affordable and complement any decor. They provide you with excellent light control. Nowadays you can even opt for bottom-up rollers that keep your privacy intact yet do not block the sunlight.

The benefit is you can roll them right up and totally out of the way, but they provide light filtering or blackout (depending on the fabric opacity or lining). So if you decide on Roller Shades make certain to pay close attention fabric opacity. I like that you can still see through some of the sheer options when they’re down, but they protect your furniture from UV rays that tend to fade furniture, area rugs and other room elements.

Roman Shades – Another option to add a bit more character to your lake house is roman shades. They have become more and more popular. Roman Shades combine the soft elegance of a fine drapery with the ease and convenience of a shade.  These can be mounted above the window casing to keep the view as open as possible.

Roman Shades are made of soft fabric and lend an elegant touch to the room. These have become very popular in bedrooms because the folds even absorb some amount of sound, which makes them perfect for bedrooms. The choice of fabrics are virtually limitless, so they are very practical when it comes to coordinating your window treatments with your interior décor.

Cellular Shades – If you need a very stylish looking shades that are high functional, and easy to use go with cellular shades. These shades feature a unique pleated honeycomb construction to provide both fashion and exceptional energy efficiency.

Raise and lower the shade as needed for light control and privacy with a pull cord, cordless feature & even motorized options are available. No cord holes are visible. The durable, washable, polyester fabric is available in a wide range of colors and textures in various sizes, and in various capacities, from sheer to total blackout.

Solar Shades – Available in different openness factors, these shades are know for diffusing natural sunlight, block harmful UV rays and keep rooms cooler. Their simple yet streamlined appearance will complement your lake décor or style. Solar shades are available in a variety of styles and colors.

Remember you can always pair shades with other types of window treatments so as not to sacrifice your desired look or function.


Shutters fit into lake-style homes perfectly. They add a touch of class, timeless style and aesthetic beauty to any environment.  Shutters are ideal for a clean, classic look.  Choose from a wide variety of paint or stain colors, or even use a completely custom color that matches your decor perfectly!

For a lake house, colors that remind you of the water, such as blue, green, grey, sand and white are great choices.  Choose a fabric that has the same background color as the window casing/trim to keep it looking fresh.

If you decide to go this route, I suggest that you find a local woodworking company, are woodworking enthusiast to design custom window for you lake house. This is going to be your best move because if you attempt to purchase these custom type shutters through a traditional window treatment company you will over pay by at least 3X what a skilled woodworker can make for you.


Curtains are still the window covering of choice for many lake house and cabin owners.

Curtains offer a lot of opportunities to be creative, but they really add value to your lake house  with their simplicity. To achieve this, stick to natural colors, non-fussy materials, and little to no prints. If you wish to add a touch of charm, use rustic valance. Don’t worry if you do not have the real thing. An antique lace scarf or a simple red and white checked cotton cloth can serve the purpose vert well.

We realize in this article, we have probably not shared with you anything you didn’t already know, we hope this information will help you clarify and organize your thoughts and that you find the perfect window coverings for your lake home. You also may want to check Pinterest for some Lake House and Cabin window treatment ideas.

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