Fly Fishing for Beginners

3 of the Best Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combos for Beginners

Beginners Guide to Fly Fishing

As a fisherman, here is my take on a beginner’s guide to fly fishing:

  1. Start with the basics: Fly fishing is a unique style of fishing that requires a specific set of skills and equipment. Before investing in gear, it’s essential to learn the basics of fly fishing, including casting techniques, knots, and fly selection.

  2. Get the right gear: As a beginner, you don’t need to break the bank on expensive gear. A basic fly fishing setup consists of a fly rod, reel, fly line, leader, tippet, and flies. Look for an affordable yet high-quality beginner’s rod, such as a 9-foot, 5-weight, that can handle a variety of fishing situations.

  3. Learn to cast: Casting is the most critical skill in fly fishing. It takes time and practice to develop, but once mastered, it can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Start with the basic casting techniques, such as the overhead cast and roll cast, and practice in an open area such as a park or backyard.

  4. Practice catch-and-release: Fly fishing is a sport that emphasizes conservation and the importance of preserving our natural resources. Always release fish unharmed, using proper handling techniques to minimize their stress and increase their chances of survival.

  5. Know the fish: Before heading out to fish, research the fish species you’re targeting. Understand their habits, behaviors, and the type of water they live in. This knowledge will help you choose the right flies and techniques to use when fishing.

  6. Explore the waters: One of the joys of fly fishing is exploring new waters. Visit local rivers, streams, and lakes to find new places to fish. Observe the water, look for signs of fish, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

  7. Join a fly fishing community: Joining a local fly fishing club or community is an excellent way to learn more about the sport and connect with other anglers. You can find people to fish with, learn new techniques and share tips and advice.

In summary, fly fishing is a beautiful and challenging sport that can take time and practice to master. Start with the basics, learn to cast, get the right gear, and always practice catch-and-release. Explore the waters, know the fish, and join a community to learn and share your experiences with other anglers. With patience and dedication, you can become a skilled fly fisherman and enjoy the sport for years to come.

Beginners Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Now it is time for us to help recommend some fly flying rod and reel combos to get you started on your fly fishing journey. Or even if you have some experience, our recommendations will provide you with great options for your next fishing adventure.


Recommendation #1 – Perfect Fly Fishing Beginner’s Kit

Wild Water Standard Fly Fishing Combo Starter Kit

  • 9 Foot Fly Rod
  • 4-Piece Graphite Rod with Cork Handle
  • Accessories
  • Die Cast Aluminum Reel
  • Carrying Case
  • Fly Box Case
  • Fishing Flies
This is a perfect fly fishing combo kit. It is a perfect 9′, comes with a durable fly reel and all the accessories to get you started.
  • Weighing just 4.4 ounce, made of quality IM8 matte black graphite material
  • Durable die cast aluminum fly reel with stainless steel internal components.
  • Fly box with 9 flies. The box can hold 372 flies!
  • Nylon carrying case for travel and storage
  • Amazon best seller with 4.5 star ratings

Why we rate this Fly Fishing Combo Kit?

This is an awesome fly fishing kit to introduce you to the world of fly fishing. The kit literally has all equipment for you to start fly fishing.

The components are designed in the USA. This is very important to my opinion as we know now our fishing conditions best. 

The rod is of quality construction with a medium-fast action. The reek has stainless steel internal components, 85mm quick release spool, adjustable drag and comes with preinstalled quality floating fly line on 20lb backing. This all means it is  for beginners to learn the art of casting and fly fishing.

This fly fishing rod and reel combo package is great for fishing in lakes, streams, rivers and ponds. This fishing combo kit is ideal for targeting  trout, panfish or small bass.


Recommendation #2 – Budget Fly Fishing Beginner’s Kit

Goture Fly Fishing Kit

  • 2 Piece/4 Piece Fishing Pole
  • Ultralight Fishing Baitcast Rod 6ft-13ft
  • Reel with pre-installed line
  • 16 flies and fly box
  • Carry bag
Looking for a budget priced fly fishing combo to get you our fishing on the water? 
  • Complete kit to get you started
  • IM8 9′ Graphite Fly Fishing Rod, Medium-Fast action
  • Well balance and pre-Spooled Fly Fishing Reel 
  • Casting smooth and easily control suitable for beginners
  • Amazon top seller with 4.5 star ratings

Why we rate this Fly Fishing Combo Kit?

This is a great entry level fly fishing combo kit to get you started. The kit has all the essentials to get you fly fishing.

The 9′ rod with a fast-medium action and the lightweight reel combine for a novice friendly kit. 

The kit includes a reasonable selection of flies and the tools to use them.

We recommend this kit if you wanting to see if you like fly fishing or if you just want to give it a go without spending too much money.

Recommendation #3 – Premium Fly Fishing Beginner’s Kit

Ventures Fly Co.

  • Complete Gear Combo – Perfect Beginner Kit
  • Flinger Fly  9′ fast action rod with stainless guides and cork handle
  • Ascent reel with preinstalled fly line and backing
  • Includes Rod, Reel, Line, Flies, Leader, Tippet, Forceps, Nipper, Floatant & Net (23 Fly Fishing Accessories)
This is the ultimate fly fishing kit! It has absolutely everything you would need to hit the lake for fly fishing. This kit has been put together by fishing professionals for the fly fishers keen to get out fishing as many weekends as possible.
  • Advanced Flinger Rod that has the perfect balance between power and finesse.
  • This is a seriously complete kit, with everything including rod, reel, flies, leaders, tippets, nippers, fly box and net.
  • High performance and high quality. This is the same equipment that use! You should not need to upgrade in the near future
  • Massive selection of flies. The kit includes 122 flies with a helpful reference card of what to use for your fishing conditions.
  • Super helpful beginner guide. We want you to learn as quickly as possible.

Why we rate this Fly Fishing Combo Kit?

In a single word – completeness! This is a full featured and high quality kit. The equipment is of epic standard. It also comes with helpful reference card, and online guides to help get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

The rod and reel combo has a great feel with casting. It feels solid, controllable and provides great casting length and accuracy. 

The massive amount of pre-selected flies, along with the reference card make selecting the right fly for the right condition super helpful. Ultimately it comes down to the right fly for the right conditions and of course the ability to land the fly in the right spot. 

This kit will keep you going for many years as is a perfect beginners and intermediate kit.

Summary of Fly Fishing Rods for the Lake

Fly fishing is another fun lake activity. It does take a good amount of practise to master the art of fly fishing. Our best recommendation is to buy one of the recommended rods, do you research on how to cast and then get our practising. Don’t give up! It can be a little (alot) frustrating at first. However once you get the hang of it, it is truly an amazing experience to spot and then site cast a fish!

Our other recommendation is seek out an experience fly fisher that can help you learn the basics in a shorter amount of time.